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Cue card - Things that make you angry

{jcomments on}Talk about things that can make you a bit angry. Please say

- What are they?
- When and where are they happening, usually?
- Why do they make you angry?

  • I am a very cool person by nature
  • Even my friends say that I am as cool as a cucumber
  • But there are some circumstances when I feel a bit angry
  • Firstly when I need to talk urgently to someone and that person does not pick up my phone or is busy on another call then it offends me.
  • Secondly, when someone throws rubbish here and there, it annoys me because I like to keep my surroundings spic and span.
  • I also get bugged when I am on my two wheeler and people behind me keep honking their horns for no reason at all.
  • I am a very law abiding person and give proper respect to the traffic lights but when people break traffic rules, then it makes me angry.
  • I am myself very punctual but when my friends keep me waiting, then I feel angered.
  • It also irks me when people speak loudly on their cell phones and force you to peek into their private lives even if you don’t want to.
  • My siblings are very naughty and when I stop them from doing something and they don’t listen then it angers me the most.
  • However, I never voice out my anger as I feel that not much can be done about all these things.
  • The best way to change such things is to start from ourselves.
  • Only then we can expect the same from others.

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