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General Training Essay - Advertisements 3

{jcomments on}Advertising influences people to buy thing such as clothes and shoes. What are the problems caused by that? What solutions can be given?

It is irrefutable that advertising promotes consumerism. In this essay I intend to explore the problems caused by excessive consumerism and suggest some ways forward.

To begin with, advertisements can cause people to be dissatisfied with what they already have and make them want more. Being exposed again and again to products which one cannot afford leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, not all parents are in a position to afford the goods which the children see advertised and want to possess. This often leads to feeling of inadequacy among the less well off.

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General Training Essay - Advertisements 2

{jcomments on}Advertisements for things like toys and food have effects on children and their families. Many people think this is negative. Do you agree or disagree?

Advertising is a catalyst for sales and therefore it targets all divisions of the society including the very young.  However, I disagree that all these effects are negative. I believe that ads also have a lot of positive effects on children and their families. A number of arguments surround my opinion.

Admittedly, in sensitive areas such as the toy industry, excess advertisement can be detrimental for the children and their families. This is because children under a certain age lack abilities to make wise judgment as to what they really want. They are attracted by colourful pictures on advertisement and swayed by misleading information. So they pester their parents to buy those things and this can upset the budget of many families.

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IELTS General Training essay - wearing fashionable clothes - positive or negative

{jcomments on}Wearing fashionable clothes is becoming important today. Is the attitude to wearing fashionable clothes leading to a positive development or negative development?

Fashion has never been out of fashion. It is a way of life. It has been evolving ever since Eve decided to start wearing a fig leaf. However, it is also true that it has become very essential in today’s time to look fashionable. This is both a positive as well as a negative development.

To begin with, fashion plays a foremost role in giving the crucial first impression. In the period of cut-throat competition, a lot of weightage is given to personality that is our dress and demeanor. It has become a barometer to measure our social standing and success. What is more, it adds variety to our life when we try out new apparels. It also satisfies the creative urge in us, for only man is gifted with an aesthetic sense that makes him want the things around him including his attire to look beautiful.

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General Training Essay - Advertisements

{jcomments on}Nowadays, some people believe advertising is useful and informative. Others say it gives false information about the products and increase the price of goods. What is your opinion?

Advertising in modern society is ubiquitous - on the radio, TV, the internet and in our letterboxes. While some advertisements make false claims, the positive influence of advertising is much more than the negative. A number of arguments surround my opinion.

It is true that advertising provides us with information on new products. If it were not for electronic and print advertising, many products would not be bought. In this way, advertising provides an important service to manufacturers and some consumers. Additionally, it fuels the advertising industry, creating jobs for thousands of people. In this respect it has the backbone of many economies of the world.

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IELTS essay - advantages and disadvantages of hosting international sporting events

{jcomments on}Most of people hope that they can hold sporting competitions in their own countries, while others believe that it may cause problems. Discuss both sides and give your ideas.

People are divided on the issue of hosting international sporting events. Some individuals opine that it is advantageous to host such events where as others believe that this could be detrimental for the host country. This essay shall look into both arguments before forming an opinion.

There are many advantages that can ensue from hosting such events. To begin with, such events would mean a lot of international tourists which in turn would mean a lot of tourist dollars. For example, during the Olympics many athletes, spectators, officials, sponsors and broadcasters come to the host country and spend money on hotels and restaurants. What is more, the country also earns by selling tickets and selling souvenirs. Additionally, many people get employment because of the jobs related to hosting such events. For instance, there are many new jobs in construction projects of stadia and hotels and also in advertising related to such events. All this improves the overall economy of the people and the country.

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